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 Capello Resigns

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PostCapello Resigns

After much consideration for the players
and the next England Manager, Fabio Capello has decided to call it quits
and has resigned his position as England manager effective immediately.

England fans have been very vocal regarding Capello's recent choices of players and this news will come as a relief to many.

Speculation is rife over his replacement with many names being brought forward.

The Bookies have harry Redknapp as odds-on favorite with Shearer and Beckham at 100-1

The FA has stated that the new England Manager will be unveiled tomorrow at a 5pm press conference.
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Capello Resigns :: Comments

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-20, 21:19 by Posh
October 22nd 2011

Conference at the FA Headquarters located in Wembley Stadium.

and spectators are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the person to
replace Fabio Capello and lead England into the Euro 2012 campaign
and the World Cup in Brazil 2014

Waiting outside the gates
taking a peek into incoming vehicles has revealed nothing at the

We can tell you that Harry Redknapp has not left his
home town of Bournemouth so we are making an assumption that he has
not been given the top position in English football.

Hodgson has been spotted on his cell phone, maybe he is waiting for a

like we are getting ready for the announcement.

Sir Trevor
Brooking takes the podium alongside David Bernstein and Gabby

Trevor starts "Thank you all for attending today and we must
first give a thank you to Fabio Capello who has steered England to
the Euro 2012 finals and we wish him well in his new ventures.
forward has always been a difficult task for England and picking the
right person has not come without its consequences in the past.
no disrespect to Mr Capello we made a promise that the next England
manager would be English and we have followed through with that

We have solicited feedback from the current England
players as well as the coaches and of course the FA board itself.
Most of you know that we had a special team assigned to vet the
candidates and draw up a shortlist for consideration.
The team
that assembled the shortlist consisted of Ray (Butch) Wilkins, Paul
Ince and Gareth Southgate and I also thank them for the swiftness of
getting all the facts in so we could make an informed decision.

without further ado we present to you the new England

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-21, 01:37 by Posh
Capello hands Holloway his final pieces
of wisdom before the match against Spain.

announces his 23 man squad for the friendly against


Robert Green
Jason Steele


Ashley Cole
John Terry
Phil Jones
Nedum Onuoha
Ryan Shawcross


Frank Lampard
Shaun Wright Phillips
Aaron Lennon
Steven Gerrard
Ashley Young
Owen Hargreaves


Jermain Defoe
Danny Welbeck
Gary Hooper

Reporter "You
have quite a mix of youth and experience there Ian, what's the

Holloway "Well,
first you mix it all together, add some key ingredients and you have
a great team"

Reporter "What's your secret

Holloway "If
I told you, it wouldn't be a secret would it?"

"Some will be surprised at the inclusion of Beckham in the

Holloway "Some
will, yes"

Reporter "And no Rooney?"

"Blimey, you don't miss a thing do ya. Rooney is going to sit
out a couple of games while I get things sorted. I had a chat with
him and he wants to play, but being suspended for three games gives
me no alternative but to try some different things"

"Such as?"

"Well, we will have to see won't we. I am not giving anything
away today lads"

Reporter "Gary Hooper must be a
complete surprise to everyone"

" Why is he a surprise? Have you seen him play recently? He is
on fire at the moment and he makes a decent cup of tea as well."
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-21, 12:34 by Jelly
Haha, this is epic mate, what a start and so glad to see this back as year after year it makes my year Wink

Top job so far, KIU!
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-21, 17:42 by writinguy
Holloway is just so epic.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-21, 19:23 by Posh
Match day and the eyes of the nation
are on Holloway to see what he can do against a very strong Spanish

And what a game to start off his career. A whopping 3-0
victory over a very defensive Spain side who hardly seemed like they
were going to break into a sweat. They only really came alive after
Alexis was sent off.
With 2 headed goals from Lescott and Richards
and then a beautiful run by Ashley Young putting the ball past
Casillas to cap a great performance.

Let's check in with Ian
Holloway now.

Reporter "You must be delighted with the
win today and the performance that goes with it"

"I told you it was the secret ingredient that I added, that's
what did it"

Reporter "And you are not going to tell
us are you?"

Holloway "Nope,
but you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette"

"Any thought on Rooney?"

"Well I don't have fantasies about him if that's what you

Reporter "I meant does he figure into your

Holloway "We
will have to see, after today's performance the lads need a break and
maybe a donkey ride on the beach will be a treat for them, we will
ask Wayne to join us for an ice cream"
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-21, 20:06 by Posh

gets into the training schedule with the players.

only 4 days before the next friendly away to Norway, Holloway is
doing some extra special training with the lads.

"No pubs
or fast food for them this week" said Holloway.

is it that Pubs don't serve drunk people but McDonalds serves fat
people" He continued.

"So the lads are getting used
to the food they will be eating in Norway, some nice dried Cod and
some Salmon, but no chips.
If they win, I will take them all up
the Blackpool tower for some fish and chips with mushy

Reporter "Are you worried that some of the
players are taking it for granted that they will make the squad in
the future and that they were rested for the Spain match"

“I think I am going to have get tough on some of these players and
let them know their international careers are over. They just don't
seem to have it in them to step up and play anymore.

I really
have to stress on them that this is for all the marbles and not just
another cap for them to break some sort of stupid record.

they want to make a record they should go sing somewhere else, this
is football and records don't matter to me.”

Reporter "But
that was a great win over Spain, surely you are happy with the

Holloway "I see
some places for improvement, so you will have to wait and see until
the squad I pick for the game after Norway, against Sweden in
December. A lot can happen with injuries, suspensions, lads driving
drunk, getting their arses into trouble with women, so lets wait a
bit eh?
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-21, 20:14 by Jelly
Love this mate, 2 great updates and a smashing win over Spain! Great work!

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-22, 21:56 by Posh

hell its cold here int it" Said Holloway

"Will have
to get the lads plenty of Bovril to keep them warm but if I see any
of the players wearing gloves or snoods they will be out of the team"
He continued.

England's starting XI for today's games


"Looks like you are going with only 3 at the back today, care to

Holloway "We
are going for an attacking look today, Tom (Huddlestone) is capable
of dropping back when needed as is Frank (Lampard)"

"Ashley Cole getting a rest today then?"

"He is, he has been busier than a badger in mating season so he
will be on the bench today and Stevie G has picked up a knock and
won't play at all today"

Another sublime Theo Walcott show

Scoring 2 terrific goals against a tough Norwegian
defense he has certainly staked his claim for a trip to the

Holloway "Theo is
just like Elton John, when he is good he is very good, but when he is
bad he is bloody awful"

With a month now until the next
game against Sweden, Holloway will be able to spend some time
watching players for their home clubs and deciding on who will be
going to Poland for the Euros next year.

Reporter "Are
you going to be looking at any specific players?"

"I have my ideas, but would like to see Jackie Willshire get
back from injury, he is like Billy Bremner on crack when he is out on
the pitch"

Reporter "There are rumours that you are
going to make some coaching changes soon"

"Well, we know that Cappy will be joining a new club soon and
its understood that some of mates will join him there, so we are
looking at some options yes.

As promised, Ian Holloway announces
some new faces to the England backroom.

With the departure of
Baldini, Neri and Galbiati who are following Capello into his new
position Holloway brings in some experienced people.
Tancredi is staying on as a GK coach.

Pat Rice takes over as
Assistant Manager.

Wilkins is brought in as a coach.

Round completes the team.

the coaching team complete Holloway can look forward to the final
friendly against Sweden before the Euros start.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-22, 22:58 by the deeb
why is it that pic of Hollers reminds me of one of those monkeys with big eyes?
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-23, 12:16 by Jelly
lmao, i concur with deebs on the pic.

another good update though mate, good job, kiu
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-23, 21:31 by Posh

announces his 23 man squad for the England v Sweden match.

several players back from injury he has had to make some tough
decisions. Jack Wilshire is still injured and unavailable.

Jason Steele
Robert Green

JohnTerry *
(Suffering from the flu)
Joleon Lescott
Micah Richards
Gary Cahill * (Called up to replace Shawcross)
Nedum Onuoha
Kyle Walker

Ashley Young
Scott Parker
Gareth Barry
David Beckham
Theo Walcott

Andy Carroll
Jermain Defoe
Gabby Agbonlahor

Reporter "Still no room for
Rooney then"

Holloway "Well
I have to look at the big picture and he isn't available for the
group stage so we have to experiment"

Reporter "Will
you take him to the Euros"

"I haven't made that decision yet but I need to talk with him
and Sir Alex first"

Reporter "You get along well
with Sir Alex then"

"Oh yeah, we share the same hairdresser"

"And Lampard being rested"

"Frank is a great player, but he looks like he has been eating
too many pies lately, had a chat with him and we will see what
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-24, 14:01 by Jelly
Lmao, the same hairdresser, love it Posh, another amazing update! Keep up the good work Very Happy
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-24, 14:37 by Posh
Another brilliant display by Theo
Walcott today and Andy Carroll shows why he should be wearing the
England #9 shirt for a long time to come with 2 goals.

decision to play Walcott alongside Carroll truly paid off and Walcott
seems to be very comfortable in the forward position and his speed
certainly caused problems for the Swedish back four. With big man
Carroll constantly on the prowl they dominated the match.

"A great display tonight and it looks like you have found the
right balance"

"Absolutely chuffed I am, Theo and Andy linked up brilliantly.
They embarrassed the Swedes tonight"

Reporter "Any
concerns now before the Euro's"

Holloway "We still
have a couple of players fighting to get fit, and we will see about
them soon, we have a couple of months before the first game so these
lads can get back to their clubs and I can see how they do

Reporter "You are going to be camped out in
Poland in February, are you ready for the cold weather"

"Of course, if anyone complains, they can run 20 laps round the
pitch to get warm"

Reporter "And of course the
question is will Rooney go"

"In Montenegro he made a mistake. Fair enough, we all do. Those
who can't accept that and want him to change should remember that you
get nothing without passion and determination and I am sure, like Mr
Beckham did, Rooney will manage to control himself, because he is
going to be one of the best players of all time, never mind his own
era. And there aren't many people you can say that about.
what happened in France, Beckham turned into Mr Immaculate, and I'm
sure Rooney can do the same. His football speaks for itself. I've
never seen him look so good as he is at the minute. The rest will
follow and the more experience he gets, the more he will learn to
curb the other side of his personality."

Reporter "So
Rooney is going then"

"I didn't say that, and you can quote me on that"

plenty of time before the Euros start. England Assistant Manager Pat
Rice has organized several friendlies to keep the England lads
playing together before their trip to Poland in June.

home games against Slovenia, Italy and Romania already scheduled,
this should give manager Ian Holloway plenty of time to decide on his
final squad for the Euros.

Bent is on form at the moment in the EPL with 11 goals in his last 8
games. Will that be enough to give him an outing in one of these

A surprise player making his claim for an England
place is Swansea's Danny Graham who has knocked in 6 goals in the
last 3 games for his team, including the two goals away to Man City
last saturday to earn a well deserved 2-2 draw there.

manager Brendan Rogers has stated that Danny Graham is ready for a
call up and should not be overlooked by Holloway.

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-24, 15:09 by Jelly
Wow, Graham is in amazing form it seems! You're going really well there mate and a convincing win v Sweden Smile

GL & KIU, love this story!
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-24, 20:18 by Posh
Holloway announces his 23
man squad for the upcoming friendly against Slovenia.

And a
couple of surprise call ups.

Joe Hart
Jason Steele
Robert Green

Ryan Shawcross
Gary Cahill
Micah Richards
Nedum Onuoha
Ashley Cole
Phil Jones
Kyle Walker
Joleon Lescott

Gareth Barry
Steven Gerrard
Theo Walcott
Michael Carrick
Jack Wilshire
Scott Parker
Ashley Young
Jordan Henderson

Peter Crouch
Wayne Rooney
Danny Graham
Andy Carroll

* John Terry is injured and unavailable.

Reporter "Some new faces in there and some familiar ones back in the squad"

"Henderson and Wilshire have always been part of my long term plans and now that they are back from injury I am well chuffed that they are in the squad"

Reporter "And of course Rooney and Crouch are back in"

"As I have always said, Rooney is one of the best players in the world. Crouchy deserves his place as he has been incredible these past few weeks for Stoke and Danny Graham deserves a shot as well.
All three of them will get some playing time in these next couple of friendlies and we will experiment with and without Rooney."

Reporter "With Carroll and Walcott on form, will you play Rooney in a different role"

Holloway "I will never tell you my strategy before the game, you can watch the game to see. Telling you the strategy is like me telling my wife she looks better in a blue dress than a red one. I will never win any of
those arguments and neither will the team if I give the plans away"
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-25, 10:03 by Jelly
Haha, love the analogy at the end of a great update mate, good looking team too and Roo finally stops playing peeka-boo and is called up! Can't wait to see how you do! (No rhyme intended in the latter)
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-25, 16:39 by Posh

Holloway incensed at the tackle that took Rooney out of the game.

England cruise to an easy victory over a lackluster Slovenia team. But the big news is how bad is the injury to Wayne Rooney?

Rooney was downed with an awful tackle by Kasnik, and the referee missed it.

Holloway (seeming to not care if he gets fined) has stated "That could be the worse case of a ref needing glasses that I have ever seen"

"Why haven't they got cameras? The officials can speak to each other easily enough now. Why aren't we
using laptops that are linked up and can give a decision in five seconds?
A chimpanzee could do it - with not much training. We might as well go back to being cavemen, grab our girl by the hair, drag her into the cave whether she wants to come in or not because we may as
well live in that age.
We've come forward, haven't we?

Rooney, played in a Central Midfield role, started well and looked very comfortable in this new role, also getting on the score sheet before his untimely substitution.

Holloway, still experimenting with tactics was pleased with some of his new faces to the squad.

"Danny Graham had a good 45 minutes as did Ryan Shawcross" said Holloway.

Goals from Rooney, Young and Walcott sealed the victory.

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-26, 17:38 by Posh
Holloway takes two aspirins.

assessing the injured players, none of them are fit enough to play in the upcoming match against Italy.

England scouts have been keeping tabs on several players and we expect to see some new names
in the 30 man squad that is named later today.

Ian Holloway has announced his provisional 30 man squad for the
friendlies this coming week.

With three friendlies in the next 9 days, England fans will get a really good look at this newly
arranged England team.

With recall's for James Milner, Tom Huddlestone and Jermain Defoe and new call ups for Lee Cattermole and
Matt Jarvis.

Joe Hart
Jason Steele
Robert Green
Fraser Forster

Ashley Cole
Leighton Baines
Gary Cahill
Micah Richards
Phil Jones
Ryan Shawcross
Chris Smalling
Joleon Lescott

Lee Cattermole
Matt Jarvis
Steven Gerrard
Theo Walcott
James Milner
Tom Huddlestone
Gareth Barry
David Beckham
Ashley Young
Jack Wilshire
Michael Carrick
Jordan Henderson

Peter Crouch
Wayne Rooney
Jermain Defoe
Danny Graham
Andy Carroll

Reporter "Matt Jarvis is a surprise selection to many"

Holloway“He looks a very good player. The lad was neat and tidy and worked his socks off for his club"

Reporter "Many are concerned about some of the selections for the squad"

Holloway "There will always be people who question the selection but I can tell you this.
When my mum was running our house, when I was a kid, all the money was put into tins. She knew what was in every tin and I know how much I've got in my tin - that's the way we'll run this club.”

Starting line up for England V Italy

Joe Hart

Chris Smalling Phil Jones Leighton Baines

Scott Parker Gareth Barry

Jack Wilshire Steven Gerrard

Wayne Rooney

Theo Walcott Andy Caroll
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-27, 20:35 by Posh
Holloway applauds his team after a spirited game against a tough Italian team who came to defend.

No goals today but an entertaining game that saw remarkable displays from both Goalies. Buffon surely
saved this game with several outstanding saves while Joe Hart was the hero during the last moments turning away a certain goal from Aquilani.

Holloway now has a couple of days to fine tune his team before the next game against Belgium.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-28, 18:29 by Posh
An injury hits the England team hard.

Holloway "He's been my rock, he's been my gel for the last few games. He's got a great future ahead of him, but what he's got to do is stop frustration getting to him. I wish him a speedy recovery but feel sad that he will miss the Euros"

England's final friendly was quite a treat to watch, that is, if you are an England fan.

The Three Lions next match is in the Euros against Scotland, and the Scots must be wondering how to contain them.

With 2 goals from Rooney, one each from Gerrard and Crouch. England really ripped apart the Romanian's.

"I always say that scoring goals is like driving a car. When the striker is going for goal, he’s pushing down that accelerator, so the rest of the team has to come down off that clutch. If the clutch and the accelerator are down at the same time, then you are going to have an accident.”

Holloway has some tough decisions to make in the next few days as he needs to decide on his final 23 squad
for the Euros and he will be without Walcott and Terry through injuries and Rooney through suspension.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-29, 00:38 by Posh
An excellent display by England today easily brushing Scotland aside.

Defoe blasted one into the box early and it took a wicked deflection off Dorrans into his own net.

Super sub Peter Crouch, on for Carroll, keeps his amazing tally going with a great goal slotted into the bottom

Gerrard picked up a knock but is expected to be OK for the next match against Norway.

In other news an excellent result by Ireland against Germany

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-11-29, 19:24 by Posh
Holloway goes to watch a game, and what
a corker it turns out to be !!!

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-01, 00:45 by Posh
A terrific display by Jermain Defoe today, notching up two goals and 2 shots that rattled the crossbar.

A very pleased Ian Holloway summed up the win and Defoe's performance.

“When you see the coals, your first reaction is to think 'my God, that's going to burn me', ... If someone can teach you how to put that out of your mind, how can that fail to make you a better footballer? You may not be able to walk afterwards, which is a risk, but it's one we're willing to take.
You have to stop thinking about your family or anything else that is going on outside the game. You can get better at it and the more experience you get the easier it becomes.”

With Scotland and Poland playing to a 0-0 draw this gives England group qualification and they can look forward to the next round.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-01, 09:24 by the deeb
I've not really followed this, mate, as I just assumed you were reposting the whole thing from a previous place, and so I'd pick it up from where it had ended before.

But having just read a few of these, you've added stuff haven't you?

These Hollers quotes are hilarious. He's on another planet that bloke.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-01, 13:35 by Posh
@the deeb wrote:
I've not really followed this, mate, as I just assumed you were reposting the whole thing from a previous place, and so I'd pick it up from where it had ended before.

But having just read a few of these, you've added stuff haven't you?

These Hollers quotes are hilarious. He's on another planet that bloke.

Nothing new added mate, you must have missed some stuff before. Wait until it catches up and you see the new stuff.

Ollie for PM !!!!
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-02, 22:18 by Posh
Euro Round Up.

With everyone now played their first two group games there are some surprises.

Group A is wide open with everything to play for in the final game.
Montenegro took it easy against a Ukraine team that came to win, and they did, 2-0

This group could come down to Goal Difference.

Group B

England making it look easy at the moment.
Scotland have everything to play for and can qualify with a win over Norway and hope England get at least a draw over Poland.

Group C

Holland on the verge of crashing out with two awful performances so far, they need a win against Sweden and some help from Croatia to stay in the tournament.

Group D

Spain go through but can Germany ? They need a win against Spain and some help from Ireland.
Joachim Low's job looks very insecure at the moment.

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-03, 17:22 by Posh
Group B is decided, and what a finish to the group by the English and the Scots who both advance to the
next stage.

Down to the Quarter Finals

Group A
Italy squeaked a 1-0 win over Ukraine and Russia thrashed Montenegro so they both advance.

Group C
Holland thumped Sweden and Portugal got a 2-0 win over Croatia to advance.

Group D
Germany thumped Spain 3-0 but France's win over Ireland means they advance with Spain and Germany is heading home.

Checking in with the Managers to see how they feel at this stage.

Ian Holloway - England "Absolutely chuffed"

Craig Levein - Scotland “For some strange reason the cup competition does not bring the same pressure that the league does at this moment in time, so therefore the players relax a little bit, play a bit more off the cuff and don't over-think.”

Cesare Prandelli - Italy "The rising is up to the team, "From their upbringing to their experiences and how they addresses this.

Dick Advocaat - Russia “The will is there, that is evident in the dressing room. Whether we have the ability is another question,”

Paulo Bento - Portugal "I never plan to draw or lose ... Portugal will play with the priority is to win"

Laurent Blanc - France "We have many injuries and I wondering if we can still perform"

Vicente Del Bosque - Spain "I’m an athlete and athletes are risk-takers, but not to the point where I would bet my mustache for us to win"

Jan Jansen - Holland "We are lucky to be here, now we have to play"

Bookies have Spain as odds on favorites to retain the trophy.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-04, 00:22 by Posh
Scotland V Italy

Their last meeting was in the qualifiers for Euro 2008 and a last second goal by Panucci sent the Scots packing and Italy advanced to the Finals.

This time Scotland get revenge.

A great game to watch and lots of action, but Scotland should have decided the game in the first 90 minutes as they were clearly the better team but failed to make their chances count.

So, it came to down to penalties and Scotland must have been working on theirs in training as Naismith, Dorrans, McCulloch and Goodwillie all hit their targets and sent Italy home.

Scotland are now in the semi finals and will face the winner of the Spain V Holland match.

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-05, 21:39 by Posh
England V Russia

Match Preview

So, Rooney is available now after completing his three game suspension.

Holloway announces the starting XI

GK- JoeHart

LB - Leighton Baines
DC - Phil Jones
RB - ChrisSmalling

DM - Gareth Barry
DM - Scott Parker
CM - StevenGerrard
CM - Jack Wilshire

AMC - Wayne Rooney

ST -Jermain Defoe
ST - Peter Crouch

Reporter "The players look excited and ready for this"

“I feel a bit like the nanny who is trying to calm down the kids,”

Reporter "Any other injury concerns"

"No, I am quite well, thanks for asking"

Here we go, its almost time for kick off.

Welcome to HTP Live commentary and today's match England V Russia.

Everything to play for today and our special guest commentator The Deeb.

Thanks, and today looks like a cracker of a game and Russia are certainly no pushovers here, they are ranked 11th by FIFA at the moment and have beaten Ukraine and Montenegro to get this far. A loss to Italy but some feel that it should have been a draw with a dubious goal given against them.

Lets get underway,

Russia kick off.


Berezutskiy gets stuck into Crouch's long legs and picks up a yellow
card, he will have to calm down or he will be getting an early

5" Pavluychenko drives down the line, the rain is pouring now,

hard to see across the field without wipers. Crosses for Zhirkov who
nods it down and Hart turns it around the post for a corner.

Kerzakhov finds Arshavin open, he turns past Smalling and fires one
over the bar. Good spell this from the Russians.

Kherzakov is tripped by Smalling. Free kick is cleared by Defoe and
goes out for a corner.

15" Arshavin with a nice cross
from the corner finds Pavluychenko but he heads it wide. England are
taking on some pressure now, they need to control the game here.

Zhirkov thunders a 50 yard ball in front of Pavluchenko and he closes
in on Hart, tries to round the keeper but Hart gets the ball and his
man at the same time, that could have been given as a penalty by many
officials but the ref says play on. Sigh of relief from the England
fans there and time to order another pint to steady the nerves.


Berezutskiy jinks his way down the line, but Rooney comes in hard,
too hard says the ref and shows Rooney the yellow card. Holloway is
furious with Rooney and is making his feelings known to Rooney.
Holloway will be giving Rooney the hairdryer tretament at


Its a midfield battle between these two teams and Jack Wilshire trips
Shirokov and he goes into the refs book now. Free kick to Russia,
Arshavin takes it quickly and Kerzakhov makes a mess of it and Hart
gathers up the ball easily.

33" Pavluychenko with the
ball is flattened by Baines, the ref says it was a fair tackle but
that's the end of the game for Pavluychenko, he has to go off and is
replaced by Makeev.


Well that came out of nowhere. Rooney exchanging passes with Smalling
on the right side before Smalling lets loose with a 25 yarder that
Akinfeev could only push away and Gerrard knocks it into an empty
net. He won't get an easier goal than that and against the run of
play England are 1-0 up. There were calls for offside there but
clearly Zhirkov was playing Gerrard onside.


Defoe is upended by Makeev and he goes into the book. Gerrard takes
the free kick and finds Crouch who heads it against the post and our
for a goal kick.

whistle blows and England go into the dressing room with a 1-0

Lets check in with our panel of experts and see what
they say.

"England are lucky to be in the lead
here, they have been outplayed and they need to do something
different. Rooney is being marked out of the game and now that he is
on a yellow he is holding back. Holloway will be looking to change
things around a bit I feel. Crouch is playing too deep as well, he
needs to get up into the box more"

"Russia are really taking the game to England and should be happy with their
performance, I can see them getting a goal in the second half to make
it interesting. I agree with Dan and Crouch needs to play more of a
Centre Forward position instead of dropping back alongside Rooney"

The Deeb
"England are giving away too many fouls here, we knew it was going to be a very physical game but
Holloway is going to have to calm them down at half time before the yellows turn red"

Time for some Bovril and we will be back with the second half shortly....................................

Welcome back fans, lets see whats happening as the players take the pitch.

England have made a change with Ryan Shawcross replacing Smalling, Phil Jones moves over
to the right back position.

Thoughts on that Dan?

Dan "It looks like Smalling was grabbing at his leg towards the end
of the half so he may have picked up a knock, good to see Shawcross
getting the nod though"

Writinguy "Yes, Smalling looked a little concerned at the end there and was getting roasted by
Arshavin so either way a good move by Holloway"

England kick off

48" Jones shows his speed down the
right, crosses for Crouch, who nods it down for Defoe but he blasts
it over the top. Poor finishing there from Defoe, he will be gutted
at that miss.

50" Kerzakhov finds Arshavin free with a
nice cross, Arshavin plays it back to Zhirkov who has lots of time
but fires it wide of the post. Good stuff here from both teams.

Kerzakhov again, passes to Makeev in the six yard box, he turns and
Hart makes a tremendous save. What a save that was!

Baines down the left side, finds Defoe who tries a cheeky lob but
Akinfeev pushes it over for a corner.

56" Corner taken by
Gerrard, Crouch rises up only to hit the bar and over. Riveting end
to end play here, this scoreline won't stay like this much longer at
this pace.

58" Long range shot from Kerzakhov that Hart
fumbles, Baines gets it clear but catches Mameev. Penalty? No says
the referee. England look like they dodged another bullet there. The
Russian players surround the ref but he is adamant and ushers them
all away.

65 "

Shirokov brings down Rooney just outside the box and gets a stern
talking to and a yellow card from the ref. Rooney has been kept very
quiet this afternoon. Zhirkov is sticking to him like glue.


Wilshire and Zyryanov both go for the ball but Wilshire is pushed and
lands awkwardly. Some pushing between Gerrard and Zyryanov and the
physios come on for Wilshire, his game is over, he is clutching his
shoulder and looks like he is in a lot of pain. Zyryanov gets a
yellow card.

71" Milner comes on to replace the injured
Wilshire and Russia make a double substitution with Parshivlyuk
repalcing Zhirkov and Sychev repalcing Mameav.

77" Rooney
plays a wonderful ball through for Milner who sees his shot turned
around for a corner.

78" Milner swings in a corner,
Crouch gets to it but Akinfeev clutches it and holds on to it.
England make a substitution with Michael Carrick coming on to replace
Gareth Barry. News from the dressing room is that Jack Wilshire has a
dislocated shoulder and will not be available for the rest of the


Its been a long time coming but Russia deserve it. Arshavin has a pop
at goal and Hart fumbles it again and Parshivlyuk prods it home. Joe
Hart made Scott Carson look good there, that was awful from England
Fair do's to Russia though, they didn't deserve to be losing
this one.


Well that was a spectacular goal. Michael Carrick dribbles through
the middle, sees Milner open and puts the ball right in front of him,
Milner hits it first time from 25 yards out and it screams against
the upright and into the net. That will be watched by England fans
many times over if it turns out to be the winning goal.

fourth official indicates 6" of injury time.

That's it and England 2-1 Russia and they now advance to the Semi Finals
where they will meet the winner of the Portugal V France match.

"That was not a good display by England today, they are going to
have do much better in their next match otherwise they will be
heading home as well"

Writinguy "Milner did liven
things up when he came on for Wilshire and gave them some more width,
and they will need to look at some different options now that
Wilshire is out"

The Deeb "Thanks for joining us and
we will see you next time. Now, off to the pub, Dan is buying"
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-11, 17:29 by Posh
Joining Scotland and England in the Semi Finals are Spain and France.

Spain easily beat Holland and look certain favorites to retain the Cup and Scotland should be an easy hurdle for them to get over.

France sneak by Portugal on penalties.

The Semi Finals are :-

Scotland V Spain
England V France

Scotland have an interesting history against Spain including an amazing win in 1963 when Scotland trounced Spain.

2 Scotland 6 (June 13, 1963)

Spain were left reeling when the Scots romped to an impressive friendly win, with Frank McLintock, Willie Henderson, Dave Gibson, Ian St John, Denis Law and Davie Wilson helping themselves to a goal apiece. Despite Scotland boasting great individual talent, this was still regarded as a shock result.

Scottish fans will be hoping for a repeat of this match.

England's rivalry against France has been bitter and England are looking to put the 2004 Euro Finals behind them when France scored 2 late goals to win 2-1.

Frank Lampard had given England a first-half lead when he rose to head home David Beckham's free-kick.
Then Wayne Rooney won England a second-half penalty, but Beckham saw his spot-kick saved by Fabien Barthez.
Zidane equalised with a free-kick and then converted from the spot after David James fouled Thierry Henry.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-15, 13:31 by Posh
Its one of those moments that make you go wow, did that really just happen?

Yes, Scotland are in the final of the Euro's and will meet the winner of the England V France match.
Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-18, 23:32 by Posh
England V France and once again your commentator today is The Deeb.

Thank you and Welcome everyone, an exciting day today to see who will be
joining Scotland in the Euro Final.

England are without
Richards and Wilshere

France are without Nasri, M'Vila and Menez

England are slight underdogs for the game. France have
problems finding the net so all eyes will be on Benzema to see if he
can produce anything today.
Rooney still looking for his first
goal of the tournament but Holloway won't be worried as long as
England win.

Today's useless facts are brought to you by Persil, it gets your whites white
and your teeth whiter. Try it today.

Daffy Duck's middle name is Dumas.

Almost kick off time, today's Referee is Jozev Pavlik from Slovakia. He
hasn't given any yellows, reds or penalties yet in the tournament.

" France kick off and immediately move the ball up the field,
Benzama and Diarra switch around, drop the ball back to Evra who has
a crack and it sails over the bar harmlessly.

5 " Corner
kick to France, Evra gets up to head it but uses Smalling's back on
his way. Free kick England.

6 " France with a throw in
down the left, Sagna finds Evra, Evra crosses it and Benzema with a
spectacular volley whistles over the bar, Hart didn't even see that

17" Very quiet game the last few minutes, both teams
still trying to feel each other out, but you know a goal from either
team will probably win the game here. They are both playing very

18" Huddlestone with a lovely touch finds
Rooney who unleashes a rocket that Lloris can only parry away,
Gerrard and Cabaye tussle over the loose bal but the ref says Gerrard
was pushing.

21" Milner takes the ball down the flank,
crosses back into the box, Gerrard hits it on the volley and it just
skims the bar and over for a goal kick. Good stuff from England at
the moment.

23" Rooney passes to Young, Young has a pop
and that is a close one, Lloris is yelling at his back line for
letting Young get that chance.

31" Benzema bears down on
goal, only Hart to bet, tries to chip it over Hart but he just gets a
fingertip to it and puts it our for a corner.

32" Evra
with a free kick, takes it quickly and crosses into the box but Jones
gets the header away, Rooney collects it and is off up the pitch,
rounds Abidel and fires into the corner but Lloris somehow gets to it
and saves the day. Rooney looks bewildered at that one.

Cole robs Malouda passes to Gerrard who unleashes a thunderous shot
that Lloris tips over the bar. England are taking the game to France
at the moment.

41" Cole plays Young through, crosses to
Gerrard who takes another crack but this fizzes past the post. He is
on a mission today.


Oh yes, what a corker. Hart boots it up through the middle, Abidel
makes a panicky clearance out of the box and Milner half volleys it
back in and past Lloris. What a time for a goal right before the

game so far, some end to end stuff and the ref really likes to keep
the game moving.

Thoughts lads?

Dan "Great game so
far, England deserve to be in front and I think that one goal will be
enough for the win"

Writinguy "That was a great goal
from MIlner, took it on the half volley and Lloris never saw it"

The Deeb "England playing Rooney as the lone striker today, seems to
be working"

Dan "Holloway likes to tinker with his
formation slightly, today he has Rooney up front with Young and
Gerrard playing right behind him, its working very well"

"I think we will see one of the big men come on, Carroll or
Crouch before the end of the game and that will cause different
problems for the French.

The Deeb "Ok, thanks lads, lets
get some Horlicks and wait for the second half."

Second half soon to get underway, quick look and no changes by either

Dan "I think England can be happy with their
performance so far and look good enough to wrap this one

Writinguy "Agreed, France will have to do
something special to pull this one out of the bag"

The Deeb "Ok then, lets get started"

England kick off.

47" Young tackles Malouda, passes to Rooney who
finds Gerrard open only to see his shot turned behind by Lloris.

Huddlestone smashes the ball against the upright, Rooney gets the
rebound and puts it away but the official says he was offside.
England players are furious with the officials.

52" Young
looks like he has picked up a knock and is gesturing to the
sidelines, the England bench starts warming up.


There we go, Huddlestone takes the ball away from Martin, passes to
Gerrard who finally gets his goal that has been brewing today. He
will be well satisfied with that. Holloway is doing cartwheels there
on the sideline. He is over the moon.


Nice response from France, Sagna sneaks into the box, passes to
Benzema who easily slots it past Hart. A revival from France here


France really caught England napping there, Sagna again down the
sidelines, crosses beautifully and Remy gets a foot to it and into
the net. We have a game again.

60" Kosncieny comes on for
Malouda and Crouch replaces Milner

63" Remy collides with
Parker and it looks like he is finished for today.

Gameiro comes on for Remy


Evra and Gerrard get into a tussle here and the ref goes for his
pocket and its a red card for Evra, did Gerrard dive there? That is
going to be a talking point for a long time there.

France look a little disorganized and bring on Cisse to replace
Benzema who hasn't really had a good game.


Free kick to England and Gerrard burys it into the top corner, what a
scorcher of a kick and that's his second of the game.

Sagna finds Diarra open, he blasts it straight at Hart though.

England make a double substitution, Henderson on for Gerrard and
Baines on for Ashley Young. England tighten up their back line

89" Corner for England, Baines takes it quickly,
Shawcross rises up but heads it wide.


Thats it, England head into the Euro Finals to meet Scotland, you couldn't
make this kind of stuff up could you lads?

"What a great second half there but a little dubiuos about Evra's sending
off, Gerrard looked like he dived"

"That was surely a dive, Evra was nowhere near him but England had a goal
disallowed so it all balances out in the end doesn't it"

The Deeb
"People will be talking about that incident for a long time
coming but its done and dusted, England V Scotland, who would have
thought that at the beginning of this tournament. A brilliant display
by England and three smashing goals from them.

Man of the Match -
Steven Gerrard

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-20, 18:49 by Posh
England return home to a heroes welcome.

The streets lined with fans and many trying to get the best vantage spot they can.

Not since Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup Trophy in 1966 has English
Football been so heralded and much of the praise goes to Ian Holloway
for his style of play that he has introduced to the Nation.

Holloway relaxes reading one of his own books.

And Pat Rice decides to end on a high note and announces his retirement from the

Reporter "Are you satisfied with the squad at the moment or will you be making changes"

"I feel like a dog with two dicks at the moment"

Reporter is left speechless.

Quick to replace Pat Rice, Holloway calls on the very experienced Mike
Phelan from Manchester Utd to take over the role of Assistant Manager.

Re: Capello Resigns
Post on 2011-12-21, 02:26 by Posh
Follow the link for Capello Resigns Part Le Deux
Re: Capello Resigns
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Capello Resigns

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